Optimal Health Four Week Program: Week Two – Movement

In the first week, you have been cutting all the sugar, sweets, simple carbs and all the junk food out of your diet. Your body has been running on sugar for all your life and it is going to resist the change. Your body might think that you are having problems with your food supply and, to survive, it will start to store up. Because sugar is not coming in as much as it used to, it will even start to transform most of what you eat into “sugar”. But it will still not be enough sugar, so it will make you crave for more. Throughout this process, you might feel hungry, tired, light-headed. DON’T GIVE UP! Soon your body will be forced to make the change and switch from a sugar-based engine to a fat-based engine. It may take a while, but when that happens, you will be set for success in your journey to a healthy body.

Seeing the results in your body will motivate you to adapt many of the things you are doing now for the rest of your life. But those results might take some time to show. Feeling good, more energetic, more disposed, can also motivate you to go on. But that can also take a few days to work. Fortunately, there is one very powerful thing you can do today that will speed up those results in your body composition, will make you feel great now, and will help you stick to the program until the end. This one thing will be the focus of our second week: Movement.



Just like stem cells, fat cells can be transformed into any other kind of cell (brain cells, muscle cells, bone cells) in your body. This process is called transdifferentiation. You just need to tell your fat cells what kind of cell you want them to become. When you exercise, you generate signals to build muscle, bone, and other lean tissues. This process drains fat cells of some of their energy-rich contents making you lose body fat and gain weight from muscle and bone density.

Exercise doesn’t only generates signals to build muscle cells and bone cells, melting your own fat away in the process. Exercise will also trigger the production of new brain cells. This process is termed Neurogenesis. (See also exercise increases neurogenesis). Not only that. Exercise has been shown to stimulate the production of new neural networks through Neuroplasticity. With more neurons available, that will be used to build and strengthen synapsis and axons in your brain, you will improve your cognitive functions, your learning, your understanding, what will, in turn, make you more capable to display self-control, to develop strong willpower, and to change your mindset. This new empowered brain will help you to have the strength to keep going without giving up.

Having said that, let us start moving.


This week we will add exercise to our daily routine. We will start slowly. Day one we will pick only three movements and we will exercise for just 10 minutes. Day two we will try to increase the time to 15 minutes. On the third day forward we want to exercise between 20 to 30 minutes every day.

Take a look at the list of movements below. Choose the three movements you like the most (or dislike the least) and try to master them during this week.

Mountain climber
Star Plank
Reverse crunch
Leg raise
Leg Flutters
Bicycle crunches

In addition to the three movements include some Mobility exercises to your routine. Once you have master the movements you have chosen for the first week, add new movements every other week and keep challenging yourself. With time learn how to use weights and also do a little bit of cardio training.

SECOND WEEK (Daily routine)

06.30 Hydration: 2 glasses of water. (Sometimes with lemon to improve digestion and reduce blood sugar) Meditation: 15 – 30 minutes. (Identify 3 reasons why you are grateful.)

07.00 Coffee: One cup of coffee (without milk or use coconut milk instead).

07.30 Movement: Core, body weight, and mobility exercises or just go for a walk (10 – 30 minutes max.). *During the day KEEP MOVING! Every two hours do stretches and one set of your favorite movements (squat, push-up, burpees).

08.00 Breakfast: Two eggs, or half avocado with oats, or yogurt with red fruits. If you are not hungry skip breakfast.

12.00 Lunch: Big bowl of green leaves salad with feta cheese, onions, olive oil, nuts, tomatoes, and sardines. Or some steam vegetables with salmon (or other fish).

15.00 Snack: A hand full of nuts and a piece of dark chocolate or one rice cracker with natural 100% peanut butter.

18.00 Dinner: Grass-fed, free-range chicken (meat on the bone) and steamed broccoli with garlic and olive oil or Lemon Garlic Parmesan Baked Salmon with Green Beans and Mushrooms (Love it). Take your supplements.

19.00 Move: When possible go for a walk after dinner.

20.00 Dessert (Before bed snack): Greek yogurt with blueberries, oatmeal, and honey, or a piece of dark chocolate.

22.30 Bad time: Listen to audiobooks can help to turn the brain off.

I hope you are enjoying the process. Let me know how is it working for you so far in the comments below.

Keep it up!

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not substitute medical advice. 

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