4 Books to Read During Corona Self-Isolation

Some of us are probably going crazy by now. Not being able to go places and be with people can be really hard for many. Others, the more introspective types, don’t really mind the self-isolation. Whatever is the case for you, we all do well to put the “extra” time at home to good use. Learning new skills and taking care of your physical and mental health is always a good investment of time and energy. What about skipping some of the corona news feed and including some books to your daily read? Here is my pick for the four must-read books for this corona crisis.

1# The Longevity Diet by Dr. Valter Longo

There are many diets out there. But only a few are supported by real science. Dr. Valter Longo is a Professor of Gerontology and Biological Sciences and Director of the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California –Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, Los Angeles. Dr. Longo is also the Director of the Longevity and Cancer Program at the IFOM Institute of Molecular Oncology in Milan, Italy. His book is the result of 25 years of research on aging, nutrition, and disease. Its goal is to help people live longer, healthier lives. The longevity diet recommends following a plant-based diet that includes little-to-no meat and periodic fasting. Although the diet was designed for older adults, it has potential health benefits for people of every age and stage of life. The diet recommended is supported by numerals studies and clinical trials. Nutrition is now more relevant the ever. If you want to build a strong immune system, lose visceral fat, and protect yourself against diseases, this is the book for you.

2# Atomic Habits by James Clear

Stuck at home, not being able to visit your favorite bar, attend a concert, not even able to meet a friend for a cup of coffee, has pushed us into doubling down on some not so good habits and maybe developing a few new bad ones like watching too much TV and eating more comfort food. Understanding how habits work has been essential to my efforts in achieving better health. James Clear is a personal development keynote speaker and New York Times bestseller author. He will teach you how to make small changes that will transform your habits and deliver remarkable results.

Some of the main points of the book are:

  • Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement.
  • Forget about setting goals. Focus on your system instead.
  • Focus not on what you want to achieve, but on who you wish to become.
  • The Four Laws of Behavior Change: (1) make it obvious, (2) make it attractive, (3) make it easy, and (4) make it satisfying. 

Knowing how to build good habits and remove bad ones will help you reach your goals too.

3# Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

In the era of information, we are bombarded with new content and data at a frenetic speed. We are expected to handle multiple things at the same time, be fast and productive. Often, the outcome is mediocre results, burnout, and overwhelming frustration. Greg McKeown is an author, public speaker, business strategist, and New York Times Bestselling Author. And his book he advocates that doing less leads to better results. 

The main takeaways of his book are:

  • Essentialism = “Less but better.”
  • Only once you give yourself permission to stop trying to do it all, to stop saying yes to everyone, you can then make your highest contribution towards the things that really matter.
  • Whatever decision or challenge or crossroads you face in your life, simply ask yourself, ‘What is essential?’ Eliminate everything else.”

Focussing on the more important things will not just improve your productivity and effectiveness, but it will also help you achieve better health. 

The Book Matthew by Matthew

The famous “Sermon on the Mount” is considered to be a masterpiece for many. Modern psychology echos some of the insights found in the book of Matthew chapters 5 to 7.

Even non-Christians have been compelled to acknowledge the power of this Gospel, as, for example, the Hindu leader Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi, who said: “By all means drink deep of the fountains that are given to you in the Sermon on the Mount . . . For the teaching of the Sermon was meant for each and every one of us.”*

Among other practical lesson you will find

  • Practice gratitude and forgiveness (6:5-15)
  • Stop be anxious and take one day at a time (6:25-34)
  • The Golden Rule (7:12)
  • Love your neighbors and your enemies (5:33-48)
  • The secret for true happiness (5:3-12)

You will find that the information contained in these chapters will be very practical in your efforts to become a more resilient, happy, and better person.

Enjoy your reading and let me know how you liked it in the comments below.

Take care and be safe

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